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Go West - VIP Private Tour in Tenerife to Masca, Garachico & El Drago

VIP Private Tour Masca, Garachico, Icod in Tenerife

Go West  - Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago - The Dragon Tree in Icod de Los Vinos

Go West - Private Tour to Masca, Garachico, El Drago

Go West  - Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago - Teno Mountains and cliffs of Los Gigantes view from the Teno Lighthouse

VIP Private Tour Masca, Garachico, Icod in Tenerife

Go West  - Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago - giant waves of Garachico at winter

VIP Private Tour Masca, Garachico, Icod in Tenerife

Go West  - Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago - highest cliffs in the Atlantic Ocean

VIP Private Tour Masca, Garachico, Icod in Tenerife

Go West  - Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago - Masca is old hidden village of pirates 


Masca, Garachico & El Drago.


Go West  – Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago in Tenerife is a beautiful half-day private tour through the Teno Mountains to the old pirate village Masca, Garachico – first capital of the island and to the Icod de Los Vinos town with its famous Dragon Tree also called El Drago. From the South of the island, we go through the western part of Tenerife along one of the most beautiful roads for sightseeing in the world by luxury Mercedes Benz limousine, if up to 3-4 people in a family or group, by more spacious van, if 4-8 tour participants or by mid-size private bus in the case of bigger group. This is private excursion exclusively for your group and the tour starts and ends at your hotel at any part of South Tenerife. We could pick you up from the North up to the agreement.


Well, you would not see whole the island with Go West  – Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago in Tenerife, but you will visit beautiful Western part of Tenerife in a relaxing manner and the tour is dedicated to travellers who like to do a few private tour discovering the island without getting tired with a full day tour. It’s especially important for families with young children and older people.


For the Go West  – Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago we pick-up you from any hotel or location in Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos, Abama, Alcala, Playa Paraiso, Las Americas or Golf del Sur. After pick-up right from your hotel in the South Tenerife, we start Go West  – Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago with visiting observing platform opening incredible view on the highest cliffs in the Atlantic Ocean – cliffs of Los Gigantes. The cliffs are formed with Teno Mountains as the huge 600 walls rising up from the ocean. After doing photos for memory our way continue through Santiago del Teide town to the Teno Mountains. We will cross whole the Teno Mountains through the narrow and windy Masca Road which’s an attraction by itself. During our drive through the Masca Road, we will have a photo-stop in the Masca village. Masca village was founded by pirates – they were hiding here because the Masca area was completely inaccessible for soldiers with horses. Another stop will offer us a beautiful panoramic view of the Masca village located in the Masca ravine. Along the breath-stopping scenic drive on the Masca road, you will see both typical plants of the South and North-West of the island. Once we stop on the border of two different climate zones where you will be surprised how the weather, nature, and vegetation dramatically different just in 50 meters distance. That’s because the Southern part is protected by mountains and North is constantly getting higher humidity level from the clouds.


Later, after the Masca road ends, we will pass through the typical less visited by tourists typical agricultural area to get to the sea level on the Western side of the island in Buenavista del Norte town. Depend on the day, if the only road is accessible, we can also visit the westernmost point of the island – Punta de Teno, a part of Teno rural park. Punta de Teno is a small volcanic peninsula with old lighthouse and beautiful views to the La Gomera island and Los Gigantes cliffs. In this case, you have a chance to see the cliffs from the unusual perspective. The other interesting fact is that there’s again different climate zone by the Punta de Teno – dry and half-deserted landscape is usually the warmest place in Tenerife, because it is totally double protected from winds from the North by Mount Teide and Teno Mountains. After Buenavista del Norte we will pass the small coastal village, San Bernardo, where we can stop for a lunch in a cozy local restaurant to try local Canarian foods and have a relaxing time in the middle of our private tour.


After a break, the Go West  – Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago takes us to Garachico. This tiny town was the first capital, the center of economy and the main island’s trade harbor in the past. The town itself is low rise and a mixture of renovated and in need of renovation buildings and includes several large courtyard style houses. There are many hidden shops that appear to be private houses until they open their doors and display their wares. Most streets are cobbled and narrow, with cars parked on one side. Next, to the main church, there is a big open square, with a bar under the bandstand. An old monastery is adjacent to the main square and open to the public. The municipal authorities have clearly tried to show off their history and many buildings have English, Spanish and German noticeboards, explaining their history. On the front, an old water-mill houses a small museum, as does an old harbourside fort. There are many family run restaurants, with the best hidden away in the back streets. And Garachico is also a kind of local Pompei – on May 5th, 1706, eruption originating from the northwest rift zone was a major event in the town’s history. You will see with your own eyes marks left with 2 huge 300-year old lava flows that destroyed the town. Prior to then, Garachico was an important port exporting Malmsey Wine and other local produce. However, a several-week-long eruption poured lava into the old bay and effectively destroyed the town’s livelihood. We will have a nice walk in the historical part of Garachico, visiting the main square with two churches survived the catastrophe (if a church’s opened, you will have a chance to get inside) and seashore with its famous natural lava pools and old fort Castillo de San Miguel.


Then, after the visit in Garachico, the Go West  – Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago leads us to the old town of Icod de Los Vinos. The main attraction here is the oldest Dragon tree in the world – Dragon tree also called as El Drago. Majestic up to 5000 years old El Drago is counted as the oldest tree in the world. Icod de Los Vinos old town also representing one of the oldest buildings on the island and its ancient architecture. The other attraction of Icod de Los Vinos it is a butterfly house – Mariposario del Drago, where over 800 kinds of tropical butterflies from all the world around living. Up to your wish here, in Icod de Los Vinos your private guide will organize you a private wine tasting and a nice and cozy atmosphere of typical Canary house.


This day will be full of positive emotions, magnificent and stopping breath landscapes and unforgettable feelings.

Up to your wish, the Go West  – Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago could be prolonged for visiting La Orotava and National Park El Teide for an additional fee.


Comment from your private tour guide for the Go West – Private tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago:

“I can say The Go West  – Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago MUST BE ON YOUR LIST if you’ve decided to do a few tours to know the island better without rush in a relaxing atmosphere. It’s a half-day tour, you will really enjoy it without getting tired and you can finish the tour tasting local wines at the end and that’s why I suggest starting the tour afternoon time. In my opinion, the best combination to really discover Tenerife deeply and with no rush is to take 3 different days for private tours and do the private tour to Teide, then private tour to Anaga and, surely, The Go West  – Private Tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago. This way you will really see whole the island and will be surprised how it is different in every corner.”


Comments from our Customers who took the Go West – Private tour to Masca, Garachico & El Drago:

“We had a fantastic day with Gregory. Even though our time was limited on the island by our cruise ship schedule, we saw all the amazing and unique features of this island. Gregory was very helpful, accommodating, informative, and pleasant. Wish we had had more time to enjoy and explore the island with this great guide.”


“Gregory was an Amazing host who showed us the various climates of Tenerife. He was so helpful and gave us facts about the island – which was very interesting. We experienced various activities along the way and saw unbelievable parts of Tenerife which were breathtaking. We couldn’t have had a better host and tour of the island…”


“We requested an “off the beaten path tour”, away from the tourist traps of the island. Our tour included a winery where the owner and host paid great attention to our desire to learn about the local wines. We made stops for coffee, and later enjoyed a meal at a restaurant along the way with a peaceful, garden setting.
The road back was crazy, but Gregory drove with confidence getting us home with a final drive thru the tourist area we were living near.
Gregory paid close attention to our mother’s needs as an elderly woman, always being extremely, helpful and gracious.
We highly recommend him for anyone looking to see more than just the beaches and tourist locales.


“Gregory was waiting at the cruise ship dock as promised. He then drove us to the Dragon Tree park in Icod. A great guide. He recommended a wonderful local restaurant near Buena Vista where we had a great “Canary” menu. Two very happy Australians were delivered back to the ship in time for departure. Would recommend Gregory’s tours to fellow Aussies.”


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