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Masca, Garachico, El Drago Coach Tour in Tenerife







Masca Village


Our regular Masca, Garachico, El Drago Coach Tour in Tenerife is the bus sightseeing excursion to the North-West part of Tenerife.

Starting from the South coast of Tenerife, you will visit 3 main attractions of this part of the island:


Masca – old pirate village, build by pirates hiding from government hundreds years ago. The village is located in an unaccessible area surrounded by high cliffs of Teno Mountains. Just 35 ago there was build a road through the Teno Mountains and this road is a masterpiece and attraction by itself. You will feel there like in Ands somewhere in Chile or Peru.


Garachico – the first capital of Tenerife. It was the capital and main trade harbour of the island, but 300 years ago with the last big eruption of the volcano huge lava flows fallen down from the cliffs. It caused that almost whole the town including trade harbour was totally destroyed. Just a few streets around the church saved, because the location on a hill. Finally the lava stopped in the Ocean and it formed big natural swimming pools which are also an attraction of the town. In Garachico you can feel the original spirit of Tenerife, especially walking streets around the church and main square. Here you can also buy original nice vines from Tenerife and other islands of the archipelago.


El Drago  – El Drago or the Dragon Tree is and endemic tree, which you can still find the only in Tenerife, Madera and Cabo Verde. An the El Drago in Icod de Los Vinos which you visit is the oldest Dragon Tree in the world. Nobody know how old it is, but it’s at least 1000 years and maybe even 5000 years. Also the main square of Icod de Los Vinos is a thing to see and feel, with its atmosphere of a typical town of Tenerife. There is El Drago Park formed around the Dragon Tree. If you visit the El Drago Park, you can walk in nice and peaceful botanical garden and even visit a cave showing how guanches were living before europeans discovered Canary Islands.


This tour also could be made as an Exclusive Private Tour for your group only, no matter in what part of Tenerife will you stay. In this case you need to book the tour at least 10 days in advance. For private groups we offer comfortable air conditioned buses with professional drivers and guides (English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian speaking guides are available).

Prices for private groups (including bus & guide with selected language, pick-up and drop-off right from your hotel or a cruise ship):

  • Group size 8-10 people: €590 per group
  • Group size 11-20 people: €730 per group
  • Group size 21-30 people: €870 per group


If you have any questions about Masca, Garachico, El Drago Coach Tour in Tenerife, please, feel free to contact us.

Languages & Schedule

The Tour starts at approx. 12:00 PM and ends at approx. 6:00 PM (depend on Pick Up point) and possible in following languages:

  in English: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.



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Tickets Delivery & Payment

Once the booking of Masca, Garachico, El Drago Coach Tour in Tenerife made at TripsPoint you will get your tour Voucher / booking confirmation with all details, including exact pick-up point, pick-up time, pick-up point map.


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Tour Duration

Approx. 6-7 hours.

Pick Up Point

Usually in 1-10 minutes walk from your hotel.
You will get the Pick Up Point information in our Booking Confirmation.

What to Bring

  • Camera
  • Sun glasses
  • Light jacket at winter
  • Sun protection cream at summer
  • Water
  • Comfortable breathing shoes
  • Some cash for drinks and meals


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