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Silver Package - Sightseeing Tour and Loro Parque in Tenerife

Tenerife Host's Silver Package

Silver Package - Sightseeing Tour and Loro Parque in Tenerife

Tenerife Host's Silver Package

Silver Package - Sightseeing Tour and Loro Parque in Tenerife

Tenerife Host's Silver Package

Silver Package - Sightseeing Tour and Loro Parque in Tenerife


SILVER PACKAGE – Sightseeing
Magic Circle & Loro Parque Tour


Enjoy 2 days out with our promotional Silver Package. Buy the island Tour Magic Circle Tenerife and Loro Parque Tour and it is an absolute minimum to say later you have been to Tenerife.


If you buy these tours tickets separately, it will cost you at least 79€ per person. With our Silver Package you will save 13€ per person and will visit the most important natural attractions of Tenerife like Mount Teide, the Volcano, first capital Garachico and pirate village Masca , as well as the famous Loro Parque, that will amaze you with all the wonders of the natural world.


At the time, when our representative will be issuing your tickets, she or he will provide you with all the details and information about the Pick Up points, etc.

Languages & Schedule

TENERIFE MAGIC CIRCLE Tour starts at approx. 9:00 AM and ends at approx. 6:00 PM (depend on Pick Up point) and possible in following languages:

in English: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.

in Spanish: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.

in German: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.

in French: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.

in Russian: Thursday.

in Polish: Monday, Wednesday (WARNING! In Polish the rate is higher: +17€ – per audult and

+9€ – per child 2-11 years old).


LORO PARQUE Tour starts daily at approx. 8:30 AM and will be back to your hotel at about 6:30 PM (depend on Pick Up point). There’ll be a guide in the Express-Bus, which speak at least English and 2-3 other languages.


Exact Times and Dates will be pointed in your Tickets, delivered for you to your hotel by our representative.


To book the Package, please, send us:

– The Package (what Package are you booking)

– Your Name and Surname

– Desired Dates for tours (we will choose the nearest possible or make you open date ticket)

– Contact mobile phone nr

– E-mail

– The hotel name and town in Tenerife where to meet you to pass paper tickets

– Your room nr (if known)

– Period of stay in the hotel (from-to)

– Number of participants and their age


We will send you Ticket Nr by e-mail within 24 hours with specified amount of required booking Deposit.

Tickets Delivery & Payment

In the received Booking Confirmation you will have specified Date and Time of the Tickets Delivery right to your hotel in Tenerife.

The tour is payable on the Tickets Delivery.


The Booking Confirmation without our paper Ticket is not valid.

We deliver your tickets Free-of-Charge.

On the specified date and time our representative will wait you by your hotel’s reception and will pass you the tickets, charge payment and will answer all your possible questions.



Tour Duration

2 days.

Pick Up Point

Usually in 1-10 minutes walk from your hotel.
You will get the Pick Up Point information in our Booking Confirmation.

What to Bring

  • Camera
  • Sun glasses
  • Light jacket at winter to Loro Parque
  • Sun protection cream at summer
  • Comfortable breathing shoes to Loro Parque
  • Some cash for drinks, meals or souvenirs


Tenerife Host offers friendly
24 h / 7 days support
for all our Customers.


Please, add our phone nr:

+34 618 786 749

to your contacts.


You can call us or use WhatsApp for free text messaging.


Be safe and feel comfortable with our support during your stay in Tenerife.


Easy Booking

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