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Tenerife, Canary Islands


Warnings & Useful Information

Travel Prepared and Safe

Time zone: Greenwich Time Zone (UTC+00:00). For example, now in Tenerife 1 hour less than in Paris or Warsaw, 2 hours less than in Kyiv or Helsinki, 4 hours less than in Moscow.


Currency: Euro.                      Flag of Tenerife:flag_de_tenerife


Bank opening hours: Mon Fri 09:00 14:00. Sat 09:00 13:00 (except from June to October).


Beach Safety: Always supervise children when near water and obey the beach warning flags:

– Red: strong currents do not swim.

– Yellow: strong winds and turbulent sea conditions take care.

– Green: safe to swim.


Sun Burn: Tenerife is quite near to the equator. The sun is powerful even in mid winter. Beware a cooling wind can lead you into a false sense of security the suns rays are still there.

– Keep covered up and use wide brimmed hats.

– Sit in the shade.

– Use high factor sun screen lotion.

– Limit your sunbathing sessions, especially on the first few days.

– Don’t sun bathe mid day, especially for children.


Tips: it is normal to leave a tip of around 10% of the total bill in Tenerife.


Cheating: Tenerife probably the Timeshare capitol of the world. The first question will always be “do you speak English?”. After that you may be asked to help them with a holiday questionnaire or the more common scratch card. These scratch cards are all winners. Prizes may be 3 days car hire, water park tickets, duty free packs or the star prize of a lot of money. Unless you want to sacrifice half a day of your holiday to a relentless hard sell, do not go with them to collect your prize!!! Remember, only the foolish or greedy will really believe that they are getting something for nothing!


Emergency numbers: call 112 for all emergencies and the operator will put you through to the police, fire brigade or ambulance service.


Los Rodeos, North (TFS): Tel. 922 635 800
Reina Sofía, South (TFN): Tel. 922 759 000


Hospiten Sur, Playa de las Américas: Tel. 922 75 00 22
Hospital Costa Adeje: Tel. 922 79 10 00



Las Américas: Tel. 922 79 44 28
Los Cristianos: Tel. 922 79 08 47
Puerto la Cruz: Tel. 922 37 06 55
You can also call 012 to contact the Canary Islands Health Service (Servicio Canario de Salud) to get more information about 24-hour clinics and chemists in your area.


Languages: Spanish and in mass touristic resorts some staff members usually speak English.


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