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Where’s located Tenerife Host office?


Our main office is located in the centre of Southern Tenerife, in Las Americas, 5 minutes walk from the central Bus Station, 10 minutes walk from Siam Park, 5 minutes walk from the beach Playa de Troya and Monkey Beach, between the hotels Paraiso Del Sol and Caribe.


If you live in one of the hotels on the map below, we offer FREE TAXI TO OUR OFFICE, under condition that you will book tours, trips or fun activities for at least 99,- EUR.

Where are tours and trips in Tenerife are starting?


Most of tour and trips are starting within 1-10 minutes walk from your hotel.

Everytime you make booking we explain you in details where collecting point is located, so you have no problems to be on time in the right place. Sometimes, it depend on the kind of trip or activity, we are picking you up right from your hotel.


Do we need to take cash with us?


Yes, it is recommended to take cash. Probably you will need a cash to for a meals or drinks, to purchase pictures taken of yourself during the tour and also for souvenirs, if you will wish.


Are there tours in Tenerife for children?


Most of tours can accommodate children who are accompanied and supervised by a legal guardian. Please, see the tour description, there’s specified min. children’s age, if it restricted or call us at +34-618-786-749 for more info regarding tours suitable for your child.


Are there a weight limit for tours in Tenerife?


Most of tours can accommodate with any weigh. Please, see the tour description, there’s specified max. weight, if it restricted or call us at +34-618-786-749 for more info.




How far in advance do I need to book a tour in Tenerife?


Most of tours should be booked at least 24 hours in advance.


What does the price of the tour in Tenerife include?


The cost of the tour includes round trip transfers, entrance to the tour site and lunch depending on the tour chosen.


Do I need prepay my Internet-booking?


We do not ask full prepayment, except of Amusement Park and Show tickets.

On the base of your booking message we will issue your electronic ticket and send the ticket to you by e-mail.

After receiving the ticket you have to pay specified amount of Booking Deposit. Booking Deposit is a partial paymen at the same time – the rest you will pay on the Tour day showing your printed electronic ticket.

Tickets to Amusement Parks or Shows you can pick up in our office on arriving or, if you wish, we will deliver your tickets to your hotel in Tenerife.


How can I receive my tour ticket for a tour in Tenerife?


There are 3 options:

1. In most of cases (except tickets to amusement parks and shows) you will get electronic ticket. All you need to do is just print it and take with you.

2. Making booking you can order delivery of your tickets right to your hotel in Tenerife for exact date and time. In this case our representative will deliver your tickets. Tickets delivery is free-of-charge.

3. You can simply visit our office in Las Americas any day, from 9:00 to 22:00 any day and receive your tickets here.


Can I pay by credit card for a tour ticket?


Yes, you can pay both by credit or debit card, if you picking up your tickets in our office. If you order tickets delivery right to your hotel, you’d have to pay by cash or pay by card as a deposit through our website.


Can I book a tour in Tenerife by phone?


Yes you can. Please contact us at +34-618-786-749 and it will be our pleasure to assist you.


Can I book a tour in Tenerife as a gift?


Yes and it will be our pleasure assisting you to enhance the Island experience of your family member or friend.


Can I book a private tour in Tenerife?


Yes you can. We will be happy to try and accomodate any special requests made. Please, visit our VIP Tours & Charters section or call us at +34-618-786-749 for more information.



How long are the tours in Tenerife?


Tour times range from 1 hour minutes to 12 hours and depends upon transfer times, which hotel you are staying at, and the tour chosen. Please, see details of the exact tour and there you’ll find the tour’s duration or call us at +34-618-786-749 for more information.


Is it possible to do two tours in the same day?


Yes it is. Even three or four. There are short tours, trips and activities that can be scheduled for the same day.


Can I pay by cash in US Dollars in Tenerife?


No. The only currency accepted in Tenerife is Euro and that means you’d have to exchange US Dollars or any other foreign currency to be able to pay by cash. At the same time you can pay by a foreign credit or debit card in many places without any problems.


Do we have to tip our Tour Guides or Drivers in Tenerife? How much do you think we should give?


The practice of tipping is discretionary and it is totally up to you. Gratuities are accepted, but not expected and how much to give depend on you and how are you satisfied with the tour.


Will there be somewhere to leave our personal items while on the tour?


Yes lockers are available at an additional cost at most amusement parks like Siam Park or Loro Parque as well as in a harbours, if you’re going to enjoy water sports and activities.


Is lunch included?


Lunch is included on some tours and on some is not. Please see the tour description or call +34-618-786-749 for more information.


What should I wear for the tour in Tenerife?


Comfortable clothing is recommended and swim suits where applicable. Please see the tour description or call +34-618-786-749 for more information.


Who our tour guides in Tenerife be?


Our Certified Partners have trained and qualified guides on each tour to ensure that you have a fun and safe experience.



What’s the cancellation policy?


Cancellations Made Easy – Tenerife Host understands that things don’t always go as planned. That’s why we will do our best to accommodate your needs whenever you want to make a change to your tour or excursion. At Tenerife Host, we’ve taken every precaution possible to minimize cancellation fees, so you can book with flexibility knowing that we’ve got you covered!

For tours cancelled outside of the following time periods, cancellation fees may be applicable, as follows:


  • 24 hours or less: no refund.
  • 48 hours or less: 50% cancellation fee.
  • 96 hours or less: 25% cancellation fee.
  • 96+ hours: 95% refund.


Can I cancel or reschedule my tour when I get to my destination in Tenerife?


Yes you can, but, please, note that the cancellation policy will remain in effect for tours cancelled. Tours can be rescheduled based on availablilty. Please, call us at +34-618-786-749 for more information.

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